CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

How can we centralize and provide information about CMU research opportunities while making them discoverable?

Project Lead

Sherry Chen

Team Members

Sherry C, Jack Lenga, Emily Jiang, Keqing Cheng, Phyllis Feng, Stephanie Liu, Thien Le, Yuki Chen

Community Partner

CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute


Working with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at CMU

Problem Space

How might we make searching for research opportunities more consistent and clear?

Project Overview

We aimed to design and define a surface that encourages students to discover a project they are interested in. We wanted to remove the barrier-to-entrance that currently exists on through the spreadsheet.  


Understanding how CMU students currently navigate the spreadsheet

Affinity Diagramming

User Research with Students at CMU



Synthesizing user needs based on our research

Key Insights

These were the main insights we gained from our research methods.

the names belong to the researchers not participants

Ideate Part 1

Rapid ideation sketches based on our findings

We started with a user journey map and prioritized features into A-level needs vs. B-level needs.


Shifting our mindset 

Reflecting on our research and collaboration

As we started designing the website, we realized there was more than website when it comes to designing a new solution. We realized a lot of the problems came from the way the answers are collected from the professors. There's no consistency when it comes to positions, descriptions, what kind of skills are needed for each project. 

We used Airtable as a way to prototype our solution using refined and consistent responses from the professors as well as a way to search and filter for opportunities.