General Children's Education


General Children's Education gave young kids more exposure to a variety of different fields through programs that were inspired by "Hour of Code."


Grace Wong, Zichen Liu, Gabriela Salcedo

Community Partner



Spring 2016

Final Design

Human-Centered Design Process


define target problem spaces

How Can We's that define problem spaces to research

  • How can we get students interested in exploring career options?
  • How can we provide wide variety of options for students to experience?
  • How can we support students who have demonstrated interests in specific areas?
  • For those who have specific interests, how can we encourage them to still think about other options and not limit them only to the areas they are currently interested in?

Initial knowledge and assumptions

...Many middle school and high school students have initial thoughts about their potential career, but there is no way for them to try it out.
Pittsburgh is also unique in that it is located just a few miles away from schools that are both underprivileged and under manned in areas like Homewood. There are already programs like Higher Achievement that attempt to bridge the connection between the local colleges and these communities but these programs still remain undermanned in the fields of math and science.