Homeless Liason Management

Accessibility, Education

Under the Mkcinney Vento act, each school district must have a homeless student liaison to manage the homeless children in the district. This often becomes unmanageable because of the number of homeless students. Homeless Liason Management looked to see how it can help the liaison manage this task.


Team Lead: Habiba Shalaby
Other Members: Margaret Reager, Madhur Singal

Community Partner



Spring 2016

Final Design

Human-Centered Design Process


define target problem spaces

How Can We's that define problem spaces to research

  • How can we engage children and their parents in their development and education?
  • How can we connect with homeless youth independent of their living situation so that they can explore their interests and education without their homelessness limiting them?

Initial knowledge and assumptions

  • Successful initiatives for improving productivity of homeless youth implore one on one mentorship/teaching
  • We should integrate parents or programming for parents into our solution
  • Because of many children’s unstable living situations, we should have an online component to our solution. This will allow children to be a part of the program regardless of their living situation