Footbridge for Families

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

We redesigned Footbridge for Families' online presence (with a focus on their website) to help better connect them with government agents and health insurance administrators so that they could receive more support in their mission through forming contracts and receiving aid.

Project Lead

Avani Guduri

Team Members

Allison Zhang, Kayley Ji, Tracy Yang, Jasmine Dong, Alisa Lo, Chloe He, Adrian Shin, Connie Kim, Sarah Yun

Community Partner

Footbridge for Families


Working with Footbridge for Families, a nonprofit that helps families in crises

Footbridge for Families is a nonprofit based in Pennsylvania that directs community donations to families facing short-term financial crises. We worked with Kim Eckel, the founder and CEO, to scope the main problem Footbridge was facing so we could identify a smaller problem space we could work to find a solution for.

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