Accessibility, Civil Engagment

ReachOut is a mobile-web application for coordinating and communication between 5-6 different homeless outreach organizations. There are many organizations that support the homeless through outreach but there was little to no coordination between each organization. This resulted in individuals falling through the cracks and not getting the resources they needed.


Team Lead: Sarah Bien
2015 Team: Angee Aattar, Arman Hezarkhani, Lizzy Board
2017 Team: Hanruo Wang, Lizzy Board, Riya Uppal, Donghun Kang, Priyanka Mishra

Community Partner


Operation Safety Net, Pittsburgh Bureau of Homeless Services

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016, Spring 2017

project poster

Final Design

Homelessness outreach organizations let many homeless individuals fall through the cracks because of a lack of coordination. The team strived to help homeless outreach organizations coordinate while serving individuals on the streets through creating a mobile-web application.