Sentence Mosaics

Education, Accessibility

Sentence Mosaics is a speech-language therapy app that simulates a color-tile foam board system to help students associate words with certain parts of speech and form sentences.


Ashley Lai, Christie Chang, Eddie Dryer, Jackie Kang, Jennifer Chou, Lizzy Board, Mehar Sawhney, Ellie La, Sabrina Zhai, Grace Joseph, Michelle Sun, Kelly Wang, Stephen Tao, Kaylin Li, Erica Fu, Megan Strauss, Sashank Gogula

Community Partner


Speech-language pathologist, Alyse O. Baker

Spring 2016-Spring 2021

Final Design

This app was made to assist individuals in their formulation of novel, complete, and meaningful spoken or written sentences produced in context with a photograph or illustration and with a language “coach” (speech-language therapist, teacher, family member, tutor, etc.) to assist in facilitating meaningful communications with correct syntax.