Street Medicine Prescription DB

Health & Wellness

Street Medicine Prescription DB worked towards improving healthcare for homeless individuals by making it easier for organizations to prescribe medicine to the homeless while they’re on the streets.


Team Lead: Christine Lee
Other Members: Xinran Liu, Rachel Chang, Grace Lee

Community Partner



Spring 2016

Final Design

Human-Centered Design Process


define target problem spaces

How Can We's that define problem spaces to research

  • How can we help and empower homeless people?
  • How can we better understand homeless people and their needs?
  • How can we make it easier for the organization to prescribe medicine to the homeless while they’re on the streets?
  • How can we increase accessibility to medical services?

Initial knowledge and assumptions

Large Problem:

  • Providing healthcare to the homeless
  • Providing healthcare to those that need it the most
Smaller Problem Space:
  • Providing street medicine
  • Providing healthcare that fits the patient’s need
Even Smaller Problem Space:
  • Prescription database (the entire project)
  • Creating more efficient and personalized care for individuals